I finally found love...
When I walked away from you.
When I started loving myself.
When I realized you were not worth it.
When I decided I deserved better.
When I stopped chasing you.
When I calmed down and took a breath.
I finally found love.
When I felt I was enough.


Oh so strange is the irony of autumn
Everything is dying and yet so beautiful
Every new birth, bound to end up in death

Dear destiny

I am screaming so loud, that my ears hurt
But no one around me can hear a thing
I am dying a little, again, on the inside
But no one around me has a slightest clue

You strike again, my dear destiny
But I won't lose at your hands this time
You can play all your cruel games
But I won't let you win this round, it's mine

The pain is intense, the fear is deep
But you have no idea how strong I am
It's your dirty tricks that has trained me
But you have no clue of where I stand

Give it all you have got, I dare you
You won't see me backing down now
Come play your best hand, and I promise
You won't know what hit you this time

Left with nothing but battle scars?

I look at my sad silly little broken heart
Trodden and stepped upon by those I loved
Those I considered my life's important part
Now I am left with nothing but battle scars

But then I look longer and see what I missed
Was it there before or is it something new ?
The spark of life so beautiful, which the time kissed
The wonderful thing I never noticed when it grew

My breath hitch in my chest, filled with shock and joy
I ask myself oh how and when did this happen
Was it by itself or was this fate's beautiful ploy
This miracle of a heart that's so strong and yet tender

Filled with all the gory knowledge of pain and misery
Yet powerful in it's state of infantile innocence
Familiar with all the ways of malice and treachery
With it's primal urge to protect itself and yet love

With all the glorious strength to wield over the world
Potent enough to be worn naked over the arms
And finally that little wonderful joyous heart unfurled
Yes I am left with all those beautiful battle scars

When the time played

I looked into your eyes
Just as you looked into mine
And that instant we knew
Everything was going to be fine

The thunder roared around us
But our hearts were calm
Destiny was tearing us to pieces
But we were each other's balm

I had you and you had me
What was absent didn't matter
We pieced each other back together
We were now not easy to shatter

Oh it's just a matter of time
That's what the world said
But we had our eyes set on eternity
As we went where our heart led

It did not matter what we had lost
As long as we had each other
What kept us together was a little something
Something that the fate failed to smother

Who knew that there would be a bond so strong
When the times were prone to be so hard
Who knew we would grow closer than ever
When the time played it's most cruel card

Missing you

Everything  is absolutely fine,
but nothing feels good
As you are not here to hold me,
like you usually would

The night feels colder than usual
Even under the warm blanket
I feel like a famished begger
Lying in wait of a banquet

I miss the warmth of your soul
I miss your arms around me
I wish I was with you right now
Nowhere else I would rather be

All over again

Again I trust someone
Again I play with flames
My heart has died a hundred deaths
But I will do it all over again

Again I throw them out of my life
Again I get over the memories
I know I will be judged for moving on
But I will do it all over again

Again I chase a new dream
Again I build myself back
The uncertinity has broken me down to pices
But I will do it all over again

Again I look like a mystery to all
Again I dont answer the questions

I am presumed to be something I am not
But I will do it all over again

Again I get a bad deal
Again I fail to realize why
It feels like a spell of bad fortune is running

But I will do it all over again

Again I choose to live life my way
Again I make new mistakes
But I know I will die with no regrets
So I will do it all over again